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Monday, October 8, 2012
Assalamualaikum everyone :)

I leave this blog for a quite long time. I hope you all my friends still besides me ^^

Btw, I found a short and good Talkislam's article. It is about the reality of our lives. Sometimes, we are enjoing our lives to neglect our responsible, our reasons why we live. Allah subhanahu wa taala has said, the purpose we live is to obey Him and be His full time servant.

Please take a moment to read and think about this.

As humans we naturally spend time preparing and making arrangements for everything we are to face in life. If you are leaving to go overseas you would spend weeks packing your bags, buying presents for loved ones and organising all travel documents required. If you were to sit an exam, you would spend weeks studying, writing notes and re

ading texts. If you were to get married you would spend months organising a suitable property to settle into, a car to take you around, furniture for your new home etc.

The more important the event, the more time we would spend preparing. Eg. You would spend more time preparing for a house you would need for the next 20 years, than you would spend preparing for a holiday hotel you would use for a week. You would want your home to have all the luxuries to make your stay easy and comfortable, as you believe your going to be there for a long while.

So what about making preparations for the home we will be living in for the longest amount of time while on Earth? Our graves.

This home can either be extremely uncomfortable or relaxed and easy. The choice is ours.

We must start making preparations from now. Our grave is more important than any home we will live in above the surface of this Earth. We will surely be spending more time below than we will be spending above. We must ensure that our graves are comfortable and wide spread.

The companions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), would fear their graves more than they feared meeting Allah on the Day of Judgement. Why? Because if their graves are good then their meeting with Allah will also be good.

So how do we make our graves comfortable? Well, money and luxuries are definitely not going to help you at all. Start collecting your good deeds these are the only things that will help you. Prayer in the Masjid on time, Fasting Mondays and Thursdays, Speaking good words to your family and friends, Being polite etc. Only our good deeds will save us. Start collecting from now!!

A big reminder also to share with you is Surah Al Mulk (Ch. 67 Holy Quran), whomsoever recites it every night will have it intercede for them and protect them from the punishment of the graves.

Jazakallahu Kheiran May Allah reward you all :)

Thank you for reading. Have a good life in akheerah! :)
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